University Student Stress: The Final Act

It’s finally here! The final draft of my narrative game. Ideally, I would’ve done so much more, but given the time constraint I did the best I could. Overall, I really enjoyed creating this game. It helped me reflect a lot on my experience as a college student and all the ups and downs I’ve faced that shaped my young adult character and perspective of the world. Working on this game will definitely be added to the list of experiences I will tell people about when I’m told to recount my old college days later in life.

I received some feedback on the game and did my best to abide by the recommendations. I was mainly asked to clarify some questions that may have been unclear by either editing the scenarios or their consequences, or enriching the introduction to the game itself at the beginning. I also changed some details in the questions which only Egyptians could relate to (such as certain places or locations) so as to make the game more accessible to the player regardless of where they’re from. I also changed up the overall gloomy vibe of the game and allowed some results (even if they’re less frequent) to yield more positive and hopeful outcomes, so as not to despair. Finally, I added a third option and consequence to a couple of questions as well as changing some of the consequences in order to create a more realistic and believable experience. I did however, stick with the original length and wording of my game, due to my focus on them after facing issues with these two parts of several narrative games I tried before working on my own. I got positive feedback on both these aspects, and fortunately my game wasn’t too complex for the players to understand what was going on and to get the final message behind it.

I did, unfortunately, wish I had more time to work on the game in order to create a richer and fuller experience for the player. For starters, I would’ve liked to add images to illustrate the game’s otherwise bleak and “boring” design, which is a constraint due to my using of Google Forms as the game’s platform. However, I did not have the time to search for and cite the appropriate images. Furthermore, I would’ve wanted to have at least three or four responses per scenario to allow the game to capture the full spectrum of being a college student forced to compromise one of their many priorities, instead of forcing the player between merely two choices that allow little flexibility.

As I previously mentioned, working on this game allowed to reflect on my journey as a university student and highlight where I grew and developed through tough times while remembering all of the pleasant memories and life-long friends I’ve made through these intense few years.

Below you’ll find the link to my final draft of the game. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thank you all for the help, support, and constructive feedback. Here you go:

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