The Narrative Game

The first draft of my game is finally here! It’s definitely still a work in progress as I still want to work on the scenarios as well as the design. Hope you all enjoy:

4 thoughts on “The Narrative Game

  1. Khaled – I enjoyed this SO MUCH. I was really into extracurriculars at AUC, and I also cared about studies, friends and family. I like that your later scenarios had nuanced consequences that were realistic (I won’t give them away for other players) but some of your earlier ones (first 5 or so) could do with more options – so 3 choices instead of 2 sometimes. I hope you can work on that. The game flows well, is a good length imho, and feels very realistic. To me, anyway. Keep getting feedback from others


  2. P.S. you may want to put a place at the end of your game for open-ended feedback on the game – some ppl can write feedback on the blog here, others may want to comment there


  3. I would reiterate Maha’s comments in that I think (and I know this is first run) that many of the questions would benefit from at least 3 choices–only in that, students are amazingly resource and creative in weaving their way through these decisions (at times, come up with solutions that can meet all aspects), but also as a potential teaching game for students entering into college, it might be useful to provide more than 2 possible solutions as that can reinforce simple black and white thinking and a game like this could do more than that but show there are more than either/or approaches to navigating their college experience.

    Also, there was one question that I came across that wasn’t clear. One of the answers was “Tell the president there‚Äôs an emergency and spend the day with your family.”. But in the prompt, it sounded like the president was calling player saying there is an emergency”–so it wasn’t clear.


  4. Hi there,
    we are a group of students from the University of Padova (Italy), enrolled in the European and Global Studies Master’s Degree, and we have played your game, as a part of our course activities.
    We found it relatable, and interesting, and would love to contribute, for what we can, with some little observations.
    First, we would like to point out that the game succeedes in giving a sense of “stress” to the reader, but on the other hand this can become “tiring”.
    In fact, most of us found themselves just answerring randomly to get through the game, after having given 5/6 answers.
    We believe this could have something to do with the length of the questions and answers: maybe if they were a little shorter, this could help.
    Also, sometimes we found the answers too dichotomous. We understand that this is needed to prove your point, but we believe that even a choice of three answers could do the same, while engaging better with the reader.
    Finally, we also would like to point out that the game would be more enjoyable and perhaps more effective if the choices could be related to one another, to have a sort of “final” result, if that makes sense.
    We hope you will find our observations useful, and we send you our congratulations on the results.


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